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I have to share our incredible experience with Ian! Before he came on board, we'd worked with six agencies and three in-house designers. Honestly, we thought we knew what to expect in product design. Then Ian walked in, and wow, did he shake things up for the better! Ian's skill in conducting user interviews and his ability to dive deep into problem-solving are unparalleled. His designs are not just visually stunning but are infused with functionality and user empathy. He has a unique talent for bringing designs to life, making them feel tangible and relevant. We are immensely impressed by his work.
Yash Joshi
CTO @ Walnut
Ian goes above and beyond the standard, contextualizing his recommendations within his deep understanding of the consumer space.
Neilish M.
Co-founder @ Live Tinted
It's incredible to look back and see how much Ian’s support has helped move us forward!
Jesse V.
Co-founder @ Kopperfield
We wouldn't be where we are today without your elegant design and wry sense of humor. You've challenged us to do better for our guests and work smarter as a team.
Amanda G.
Director of Product Mgmt. @ Lululemon
Ian has been amazing to work with. He brought actionable solutions based on data. I would highly recommend him.
Alec A.
CEO @ Rareform
Ian did a really amazing job, and provided a lot of clarity to the company about what needs to get done.
Jake A.
Founder @ Odyssey
You say the most simple, but important things. That’s your value Ian. Please UX my life.
Adam H.
Head of Growth @ Ledger

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